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Bethesda Wants To "Save" Single-Player Games With Their New Campaign

08 Décembre 2017

But sometimes you just need a little time away.

Once upon a time, these solitary experiences dominated the gaming landscape. However, Bethesda will keep making single-player games. But in recent years, with multiplayer on the rise, single-player games have become fewer in number.

Considering EA's statements earlier in the year about how single-player games are not as well-loved and - let's face it - profitable, this seems to throw as serious shade as Blizzard did earlier in regards to the SWBF2 Loot Box deal.

There's has been a growing concern that single-player games are on the verge of death in some communities in the gaming industry and while gamers lamented over the loss of single-player games, one developer has pretty much been exclusively creating games in this space.

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The tongue-in-cheek trailer features Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter, who talks about the wonders of single-player games.

Bethesda launched a new, and entirely light-hearted, campaign at The Game Awards tonight aimed at saving single-player games-and to help get the job done it's running a sale.

All of Bethesda's games are now 50% off, both digitally and physical editions at select retailers. The publisher is also promising to donate $100,000 to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation to pay for scholarships for students looking to study game development.

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