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A Way Out trailer revealed during The Game Awards 2017

08 Décembre 2017

Through a compelling narrative, Leo and Vincent will embark on an emotional adventure, where they will live some memorable action moments that they will face together including auto chases, stealth passages, melee fights, shootouts and many more.

Fares eventually announced a fantastic initiative for the game, which will grant each purchaser two copies - one for you, and one for a friend. The two main characters, Leo, who is cocky and quick to use force, and Vincent, who is controlled and calm, each come with their own history that players will discover as they play. "The story is a genre-transcending narrative that's meant to be played with someone you know", writer and director Josef Fares said. It can only be played in co-op with a human partner, and the passion Fares showed for it when it was announced at E3 2017 was infectious - which he duplicated tonight at The Game Awards with a litany of f-bombs, much to host Geoff Knightley's chagrin.

Ikea et Sonos s'associent pour l'amour de la musique à la maison
Aussi, les produits Sonos étant relativement onéreux, il est probable que la collaboration avec IKEA fasse baisser la facture. L'exploration de la dimension sonore est la troisième étape pour IKEA Home Smart.

Set in the '70s, A Way Out focuses on the story of two convicts who are on the run after a prison escape. But in an unusual setup, the online and local co-op experiences will be identical in one huge way: Only one of you will have to buy the game.

A Way Out trailer revealed during The Game Awards 2017