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Tupac Fully Exposed By Ex Selling Junk Pic!!!

07 Décembre 2017

21 years since his untimely death and the late Tupac is still making controversial headlines.

We're told the ex wants to privately sell it for $7,500.

Tupac Shakur's ex wants to sell a full-frontal picture of him for $7,500. The photo was allegedly snapped at a house party after 'Pac's ex threatened to take the photo if he didn't cover up.

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Online auction site Gotta Have Rock and Roll has accepted offers to sell the rare photo of the rapper dropping his trousers, but the ex-girlfriend is planning to sell privately to the highest bidder. Pac is reported to have frequently tried to shock his pals by exposing his twig, berries and the vast surrounding shrubbery, TMZ reports. I told him I was going to zoom in if he didn't move fast and yank his trousers up, but he just grinned at me and didn't budge.

The woman also claims to have other photos of a clothed Shakur from the party.

Before then, hand-written love letters from Tupac in prison and some other items were put up for auction too. He didn't back down and she took the photo.

Tupac Fully Exposed By Ex Selling Junk Pic!!!