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Tax protesters at Collins' Office Charged With Trespassing

07 Décembre 2017

Collins supported the bill after inclusion of her amendments on medical expense and property tax deductions.

"We are staying until we talk to Senator Collins by phone or in person unless we are arrested", protester Jim Betts, 66, of Winthrop said just before 5 p.m. from inside Collins' office in the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building. Susan Collins and Rep. Bruce Poliquin for promoting and voting in favor of tax bills that ultimately will add $1.5 trillion to America's debt.

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Both of these elected officials must be aware that this tax bill is little more than a replication of the voodoo economics that President Ronald Reagan implemented in the 1980s, which eventually forced George H.W. Bush - "Read my lips: No new taxes" - to raise taxes in order to avert the fiscal disaster that resulted.

Collins was in D.C.at the time of the sit-in and has not communicated with the protesters, said Annie Clark, Collins' communication director. Sarah Bigney was one of them inside and was streaming it live on Facebook. "In addition, under the Senate bill, a family with an income of $24,000 would no longer pay income tax".

Tax protesters at Collins' Office Charged With Trespassing