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Spanking linked to dating violence

07 Décembre 2017

Spanking children can lead to adult relationship violence when those children grow up, a new study published Tuesday in the Journal of Pediatrics suggested.

Temple, along with a team of researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, has been checking in with a group of almost 800 people every year. Of those, 19 percent reported committing dating violence, and 69 percent of those had received corporal punishment as a child. "Analysis showed a significant positive association between corporal punishment and physical perpetration of dating violence".

Dr. Temple says this just adds to growing evidence that corporal punishment has negative long-term effects like aggression and mental health problems, despite so many of us saying we were spanked and turned out just fine.

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Researchers said an estimated 80 percent of children are physically punished worldwide and across cultures. The abuse seemed to take hold more if the punishment was from a parent or someone they admired.

"This study confirms and extends previous research that says children who experience violence at home, even if it is couched as for their own good, end up using violence later in their lives", Sege told CNN.

Spanking linked to dating violence