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Nile Rodgers reveals he has had cancer surgery

07 Décembre 2017

Rogers revealed, "During my brief stay in the hospital to treat E.coli, the doctors discovered a mysterious growth on my right kidney which looked like cancer".

Nile Rodgers has shared details of his hospitalisation earlier this year - stating that doctors found "two different cancers", though he is now in "100% recovery".

"After the last seven years of wonderful life, I would have never believed that my body would be invaded by another cancer", he added. "I'm Done. 2018 here I come!", Rodgers explores his journey from that initial cancer diagnosis, and how ever since he's "attacked life with gusto I didn't realize I'd had".

After performing in Brooklyn on 2 November, he flew to NY and had the mass removed the following day.

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"You can start dancing, singing and cheering now!" wrote Rodgers, who survived a battle with prostate cancer that began in 2010.

The "situation", he said, had "delayed some big plans" but would not stop him focusing on the future. Now in a blog post titled "CANCER REALLY?" I'm Done. 2018 here I come! According to a recent blog post, things were a bit more troubling than fans knew.

With a new spring in his step, Rodgers reflects on his hot streak as he landed a global smash (and a swag of Grammys) with Daft Punk, published a memoir, rebuilt Chic's live concert tours, played to millions, and delivered a bunch of dance hits.

Nile Rodgers reveals he has had cancer surgery