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Niantic to roll out characters in batches; dynamic weather system added

07 Décembre 2017

The mobile gaming sensation from previous year, Pokemon Go, gets two major game updates. The weather system update is scheduled to roll out later this month. However, others may be fine waiting on Pokemon trading if it means that other new features, like the dynamic weather system, are added instead. While gamers seem to be a bit more satisfied now that Niantic's made a few improvements to the game, the company promises fans that they're still looking at adding important features to the Pokemon Go like Player-vs-Player mode and Trading. That said, there are six different weather types available clear, rain, cloudy, fog, snow, and windy.

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While discussing the just announced new features with IGN, Niantic marketing lead Archit Bhargava noted that there were still plans to bring trading and PvP into Pokemon Go, but not immediately. Finally, weather will also aid your caught Pokémon; Charizard's attacks will be more powerful on a sunny day. These creatures were originated from "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire". But from now on, Pokemon GO players will need to get a little more hardcore if they want to catch 'em all. Instead, they will be released gradually in due course. In the first week, Gen 3 Fire Pokemon will be unveiled, to be followed by Grass Pokemon, and so on and so forth. Rather than releasing all 130 Hoenn Pokemon all at once, Niantic has chose to introduce this generation's Pokemon incrementally. Similarly, PvP battles are also still planned for the game, but it's anyone's guess as to when they will finally be added.