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M&S Is Selling Stoneless Avocados (Banishing Dreaded 'Avocado Hand' For Good)

07 Décembre 2017

The avocados are between five and eight cm long.

ONE of the most annoying things about eating an avocado is taking out the stone.

"Avocado hand" is apparently the bain of many middle class kitchens, prompting claims that the fruit should carry warning labels.

Thankfully the "Cocktail Avocado" - a small elongated avocado approximately 5-8cm in length (yes, it's a tad on the small side) - is here to save the day. The flesh is much like that of a normal avocado - smooth and creamy, pale in colour and rich in flavour.

Charlotte Curtis, M&S agronomist, says: "We've had the mini, the giant, ready-sliced and we're now launching the holy grail of avocados - stoneless!"

The cocktail avocados will cost £2 for a pack.

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The slimmer fruit is the result of an unpollinated blossom and develops without a seed.

'This awesome fruit has been on our radar for a couple of years and we're very excited to have finally been able to get hold of some for our customers to try.

They're hitting M&S stores in December and will be available while stocks last, and cost £2 for a pack.

M&S said stoneless avocados were usually sent to Paris, where chefs use them in high-end restaurants, but the retailer had managed to source a limited supply this year.

She added: "They're ideal for snacking and lunchboxes as they can be eaten whole but can also be used for a attractive garnish or in a salad".

Brits' love of avocados shows no sign of slowing down, with Iceland making waves earlier this year with their launch of frozen pre-sliced avocado.