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Her Story Creator Sam Barlow's Next Interactive Series Is #WarGames

07 Décembre 2017

Although there are no details on how the "interactive" elements of the series will work, viewers will guide the actions of one of the hackers, Kelly. The game, titled #WarGames, from interactive media startup Eko (formerly Interlude), arrives in early 2018 and is loosely based on the film, preferring to center on a group of young hackers who find themselves caught up in espionage and government conspiracy.

The beloved 1983 film WarGames, starring Matthew Broderick as a young hacker who nearly causes a supercomputer to start a nuclear holocaust, was made during a time when it was impossible to imagine how much technology would become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives.

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Bobbitt served in the US Marine Corps and also worked as a paramedic before he ended up in the streets of Philadelphia . Two trust funds are being set up for Bobbitt, including a retirement fund so he'll have a yearly income.

It's not yet clear exactly how viewers will get to "play the game" and shape what happens, but this isn't the first time Eko has worked on a series like this.

It's all very Mr. Robot - the anarchic nature of the Internet, the cynical view towards modern technology - and even has shades of the independent horror movie Unfriended, which takes place entirely within the screen of a video chatroom. If they're watching a live TV broadcast, you'll see that. Eko announced the series two years ago, but as an "interactive short".

Her Story Creator Sam Barlow's Next Interactive Series Is #WarGames