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Ford will build its electric SUV in Mexico

07 Décembre 2017

Ford is still planning to build a 300-mile-range electric SUV; only it won't be produced in Flat Rock, Michigan, as originally planned, reports Automotive News.

In a blog post, Jim Farley, president of global markets, said Ford also would test new business models that involve its self-driving vehicles, including the movement of people and goods. The automaker then made plans to build autonomous and electric vehicles at Flat Rock Assembly alongside the Ford Mustang and Lincoln Continental.

By moving production of the electric SUV to its plant in Cuautitlan, Ford will be able to lower the labor costs, while at the same time by building the autonomous vehicle in the United States, Ford will be able to better compete with its rivals. Mexican production of the electric SUV is meant to start in 2020.

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Ford hasn't revealed too many details about its new autonomous vehicle, but it will have a hybrid powertrain and it will not be a Fusion sedan.

Instead, the automaker is moving production to its factory in Cuautitlan, Mexico; officially, says Ford, because it wants to free up the MI factory for more autonomous auto development.

That plant isn't expected to add any jobs as a result of the production shift in 2020; it produces the unpopular Ford Fiesta subcompact, giving it excess capacity already.