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Ex-policeman faces 20 years in prison for Scott slaying

07 Décembre 2017

The case drew national attention after a bystander's video of the shooting became public, fueling fresh concerns about how minorities are treated by police in the United States.

Both sides wept in court today when Scott's mother looked the former officer in the eye and told him she forgave him.

In court Tuesday, Forensic audio analyst David Hallimore testified that he heard Scott say "F*** the police" during the physical altercation with Slager.

Scott family lawyer Justin Bamberg said: 'I think everybody's just ready to close this chapter of life and start the next chapter. "I would like you to sentence the defendant to the strongest sentence the laws allows because he murdered my one and only father".

Federal officials had previously recommended a sentence of between 10 and 13 years.

On Thursday, Norton found Slager guilty of second-degree murder.

Slager faced murder charges in state court, but a jury in that case deadlocked a year ago, and the state charges were dropped as part of his federal plea deal. Rodney Scott said he wants Slager to pay for his actions.

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Convictions in police officer shootings are uncommon in the USA and prison time is even rarer.

The defense is arguing that Scott grabbed Slager's stun gun and had an altercation with him on the ground, which can not be clearly seen in the bystander's video.

On April 4, 2015, Slager stopped the auto Scott was driving in North Charleston for a broken rear brake light. Slager's attorneys - who contend that Scott wrestled a stun gun away from Slager, right before the witness with the cell phone began taping the incident - have argued for far greater leniency. Morgan said he felt that Slager had an above-average tolerance for stress and didn't diagnose him with any disorder related to memory loss.

For three days, attorneys representing the federal government and a former SC officer charged in an unarmed black motorist's shooting death have presented technical testimony to a judge considering how much time Michael Slager should spend in federal prison. Slager chased him for 200 yards and, then, the two men scuffled. A year ago, a state judge declared a mistrial when jurors deadlocked.

On Monday, Savage repeated his criticism that the state and federal governments teamed up unfairly on his client. "Michael, I forgive you, and Michael, I do pray for you now and for your family, because we've gone through a traumatic time", he said.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said she had interacted with federal prosecutors but couldn't recall specific contacts and hadn't planned prosecutorial decisions with them.

Prosecutors counter that there is no way to definitively tell what is being said on the recordings, and they have used their own experts to show how Slager fired at Scott as he was running away, nowhere near the officer's stun gun.

Ex-policeman faces 20 years in prison for Scott slaying