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Crown says Laura's last footprint was in company of accused

07 Décembre 2017

Crown Attorney Jill Cameron has told the trial of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich that the last footprint that Laura Babcock left was in the company of the two accused. Cameron said there was a "mountain " of evidence to show the two men murdered Babcock, 22, on July 3, 2013 at Millard's home in Etobicoke. In asking the jury to convict Millard and Smich, Cameron said there are just too many coincidences pointing to that conclusion for them to find any other way.

The prosecution alleges Babcock was killed after becoming the odd woman out in a love triangle with Millard and his girlfriend.

Thomas Dungey said there's not one iota of evidence that his 30-year-old client killed Babcock. "There is no evidence to where she is or what happened to her".

Dungey argued that Smich had no reason for what he's accused of doing. "Allegedly Christina Noudga, Dellen Millard and Laura Babcock", Dungey said. "Not Mark Smich. He's not even part of the triangle, not part of the whole motive".

Millard and Smich thought they were getting their incinerator at the beginning of July but it wasn't working until the 23rd, in the meantime Millard was checking the smell of the barn.

Dungey focused on two pieces of evidence the Crown has used to highlight Smich's connection to Babcock: her iPad was found in his possession and named "Mark's iPad", and a red bag with her name on it was found in Smich's bedroom.

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The Crown's case is based on circumstantial evidence with no concrete proof about Babcock's presumed death, Dungey argued. "Because it sure is fiction", he said.

"It comes down to a rap, that's all they got", Dungey said, referring to a rap Smich gave in his garage after Babcock disappeared.

Dungey said both witnesses were adolescents, admitted to being addicted to drugs and smoking marijuana at the time and because of that, their memories are not reliable.

Millard, who represented himself, told the jury in his closing address Tuesday that several witnesses have seen or heard from Babcock after July 4, 2012. There is no trace of her after July 4th and she was always in touch with friends and family. Her phone stopped responding to messages on July 4th, when Millard was near the lake.

Thursday the judge will start instructing the jury on the law and how they can go about their deliberations and looking at the evidence.

Crown says Laura's last footprint was in company of accused