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Conyers' son was arrested for earlier this year for allegedly attacking girlfriend

07 Décembre 2017

The woman claims he then chased her into her kitchen where she grabbed a 10-inch knife to protect herself, ordering him to leave the house. They acknowledged a small stab wound on her bicep, said they couldn't prove in court that the would was intentionally inflicted. John Conyers' resignation from the U.S. House amid sexual harassment allegations unlocks the seat he's held for more than a half-century. The report states no other visible injuries on her could be found and that there were no witnesses who saw the pushing and shoving and "a misdemeanor domestic battery could not be proven". The argument allegedly escalated into physical violence. she told cops John body slammed her on her bed and on the floor, pinned her down and spit on her.

Following her February 15 call to the police, Conyers III was arrested on suspicion of violence against his girlfriend at a Los Angeles residence, according to NBC. The alleged victim was not named in the prosecutors' document. By her account, he took the knife and swung it at her, cutting her arm. He said they started becoming aggressive with each other, and that she threatened him with the knife.

Conyers, the longest serving member of Congress, has denied allegations that he settled a 2015 sexual-harassment complaint with a former staffer who claimed she was sacked after rebuffing his advances.

A day after his father endorsed him for Congress, John Conyers III was discovered to have been arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse in February.

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"I have a great family here and especially in my oldest boy, John Conyers III, who, incidentally, I endorse to replace me in my seat in Congress", the disgraced politician said.

"I have not concluded if I will be a candidate but hope to come to a decision by the new year -- once I have taken the time to thoroughly listen to the community", he wrote in a statement released on social media Wednesday. The 88-year-old endorsed his son, political neophyte John Conyers III. Ian Conyers, who announced he will run for the open seat.

In this July 16, 2011 photo, John Conyers, III poses with his father Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., in Detroit.

NBC News pointed out that while speaking about sexual assault Conyers III told reporters: "women are to be believed". His bio also says he is a partner in a Detroit-based hedge fund and graduate of Morehouse.

Conyers' son was arrested for earlier this year for allegedly attacking girlfriend