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Wildlife disease occurrences spread in Montana

06 Décembre 2017

A Montana deer tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease Tuesday, far away from where previous cases in the state have been found.

The mule deer buck was shot by a hunter November 12 north of Chester on the Highline, in hunting district 401. Officials say the disease has nearly surrounded the state in the past years - reports in Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.

CWD has been found in deer hundreds of miles away on Montana's southern border with Wyoming earlier this year.

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In anticipation of the disease coming to Montana, wildlife officials recently updated its chronic wasting disease response plan, and FWP director Martha Williams has assembled an incident command team to respond to the detection near Billings. Thursday the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will decide specifics of the hunt - including numbers of licenses, harvest quotas, hunt boundaries and other rules.

The state wildlife agency is now organizing a hunt to respond to the detections in south central Montana.

Chronic Wasting Disease is a fatal disease that attacks the central nervous system of deer, elk and moose. If hunters harvest an animal that appears to be sick, the best thing to do is contact FWP and have the animal inspected.

Wildlife disease occurrences spread in Montana