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Trump May Sometimes Bypass Chief of Staff to Give Aides Orders

06 Décembre 2017

Aides have in the past decided not to abide by the president's requests in order to not "run afoul" of Kelly, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Trump has occasionally summoned White House aides to the private residence at night, giving them tasks and instructing them not to tell Kelly, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday, adding that at least once, aides have declined to execute the task so as not to tick Kelly off.

There's a new status symbol indicating that someone has a close-and-personal relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump: check for a glittery gold-coloured ornament bearing the presidential coat of arms hanging from the Christmas tree. In a bid to do so, he asserted control over the president's access to information by filtering which reports make it to the Oval Office. In the past, Trump had an open-door policy that allowed virtually anyone to have an audience with the president. The White House in the United States this year opted for white instead of red for a change.

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But Kelly can only keep tabs on Trump during working hours, and the president has often gone rogue when left alone.

According to the newspaper, some of the presidents' friends have also at times bypassed the official channels, calling the president's wife Melania Trump and asking her to pass a message on to her husband.

Stephanie Grisham, the spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump, said the ornaments will be given away as gifts and there's no plan to sell them.

Trump May Sometimes Bypass Chief of Staff to Give Aides Orders