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Street Fighter V Arcade Mode Includes Branching Paths and Over 200 Endings

06 Décembre 2017

Capcom has today revealed more detail on the upcoming Arcade Mode to be added to Street Fighter V in its new Arcade Edition launching in January. Does this sound like something that can majorly spice up your Street Fighter experience?

In a post on the Capcom Unity Blog, it's revealed the mode will offer fighters the opportunity to take one of six paths, each based on a previous Street Fighter title including II, Alpha and IV among others. You can also customize how many total rounds and the difficulty before starting. "For example, you can only select Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Akuma, Laura, Urien, Alex, Kolin, and Ibuki in Street Fighter III's Arcade path - Sean is represented through Laura while Kolin appears briefly in Gill's intro".

Each path stays true to the characters present in the respective series.

The trailer gives players a good idea of the upgraded action that can be expected from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. These points will then be tallied up each month with the highest scoring player earning themselves unique a Title.

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Most excitingly, Capcom added that these arcade modes have over 200 different endings featuring "gorgeous illustrations from various artists".

It has always been known that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will add a second V-Trigger for all playable characters on the roster. Luckily, the conditions for each image will be specified in the Gallery section.

I haven't played Street Fighter V in ages, despite it being a game I actually quite like. These endings are unlocked by doing everything from simply completing a path to getting a flawless score in a bonus round.

If you want to face any and all characters with any character of your choosing, however, Arcade Mode has a "Street Fighter 5" path that will likely allow you to do so - considering it is set to feature all characters that appeared in the game. This playable version of SFV: AE has been created specifically for this event and will not provide a complete experience.

Street Fighter V Arcade Mode Includes Branching Paths and Over 200 Endings