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Eating Small Bits Of Cheese Daily Helps Lower Heart Disease Risks

06 Décembre 2017

They discovered that eating a small amount of cheese each day lessens a person's chances of developing a coronary heart disease by 14 percent, or reduces their chances of having a stroke by 10 percent.

The words "cheese" and "healthy" are an odd combination of words to find in a sentence, and yet a new review of research suggests that eating cheese every day may actually be healthy.

Experts, however, warn that this is not linear - in short, the study does not mean that people should start consuming blocks of cheese to prevent heart disease.

The study also failed to look at various kinds of cheeses, which might have yielded different results as there are certain kinds that include more benefits or risks than the typical cheese.

While low-fat dairy products are considered more favorable than high-fat dairy products by federal nutrition guidelines, the meta-analysis found limited evidence that high-fat dairy could increase the risk of CVD, CHD, or stroke compared to low-fat dairy.

A 40 gram square, about the size of matchbox, was the sweet spot for health benefits.

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The link between cheese and lowered heart disease risks might be because people who eat cheese every day are already healthier, or have enough income to afford the habit, the researchers point out.

But it's also possible that cheese has beneficial qualities that offset the negative impact of its high saturated fat content, says Stewart.

Stewart was not involved in the study.

While cheese has gotten a bad rap, it has important nutrients including protein, calcium and probiotics, said the study.

So go ahead, unblock all those mouth-watering cheese porn accounts, and erase the guilt of that daily BEC. Now, cheese-lovers can sleep well knowing that their midnight snack or post-night-out cheese fry indulgence is actually good for them.

Eating Small Bits Of Cheese Daily Helps Lower Heart Disease Risks