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World leaders call to tackle global menace of pollution

05 Décembre 2017

Additionally, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Garber will join the Annual Network of Women Ministers breakfast to discuss the critical role of women in environmental policy decisions, and she will contribute to the UNEA-3 Leadership Dialogue on Practical Solutions for a Pollution-Free Planet.

It also favoured lifestyle changes, low-carbon tech investments and advocacy.

Over a dozen resolutions, including new approaches to tackle air pollution, the single biggest environmental killer that claims 6.5 million lives each year, are on the table at the three-day third UN Environment Assembly that began here on Monday.

He noted the launch is important given many people live in urban areas where air quality is below the World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

Environmental degradation accounts for almost one in four of all deaths, or 12.6 million people a year, as well as other human health problems and widespread destruction of key ecosystems.

Exposure to lead in paint, which causes brain damage to 600,000 children annually, and water and soil pollution are also key focus areas. The gathering will focus on ways governments, worldwide organizations, and the private sector can work together toward reducing pollution globally.

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Painting a darker picture, the report says over 80 per cent of the world's wastewater is released into the environment without treatment, poisoning the fields and the lakes and rivers that provide drinking water to 300 million people.

"That is as true for threats like pollution as it is for climate change and the many other environmental threats we face", he added, noting that all global processes linked to the environment, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change distil to one simple message, "we must take care of people and planet".

There is also a huge economic cost.

A just-published report by the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health says that welfare losses due to pollution are estimated at over $4.6 trillion each year, equivalent to 6.2 per cent of global economic output. The U.S. delegation will promote U.S. leadership on pollution control and monitoring, and support private sector engagement and innovation within UNEA. The cooperation of all sectors is key, but also throughout the United Nations family. "That requires a culture that supports responsible production and does not hold up unrestrained consumption as an aspirational way of life".

The UN Environment sees the participation of celebrity activists, such as UN Environment's new Goodwill Ambassador, English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding.

World leaders call to tackle global menace of pollution