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Disney to remove 'Frozen' short film screened before 'Coco'

05 Décembre 2017

The snowman-centric mini-musical and the Dia de Muertos-inspired feature film were always an odd match.

According to Mashable, Disney has directed theatres that are playing Pixar's Coco to stop showing the short Olaf's Frozen Adventure, a spin-off of the hit 2013 Disney animated film Frozen. Two weeks ago with the release of Pixar's Coco, audiences were "treated" with a different short film experience.

This was a very odd short film to add with Coco as it wasn't even made by Pixar, but by Walt Disney Animation. Despite the seemingly straightforward nature of the short, it actually runs for a total of 22 minutes, which is nearly double the usual duration of Disney and Pixar shorts. During a conversation on Thursday with Yahoo Entertainment, Coco co-director Adrian Molina explained.

Despite the aggravation some experienced when seeing Coco, it's maintained the top grossing movie at the USA box office the past two weeks amid a low studio output during the holiday season. But for Coco, we didn't have anything ready for it. Also, the short itself is hardly getting rave reviews.

So it looks like Pixar had it's hands full with the two feature films this year and they did not develop a short to go along with Coco.

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While some sites linked the end of Olaf's run to the backlash, Entertainment Weekly reports that the short was always meant to have a limited run.

The new "Frozen" short film irked some netizens mainly due to its running time and for various other reasons - some disliked the songs while diehard Pixar fans commented that Pixar movies should strictly carry Pixar shorts instead of Disney promos.

As for the length of Olaf's Frozen Adventure, Molina acknowledged, "It is longer than any short that has preceded one of our films before". What did you think of the length of the short film?

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Disney to remove 'Frozen' short film screened before 'Coco'