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Become Human Is Under Fire For Depictions Of Abuse

05 Décembre 2017

Journalist and Childline founder, Dame Esther Rantzen, even called out to Sony to either remove the abuse scene from the game or pull the game from sale entirely, "Violence against children is not entertainment".

That said, the game may run into some difficulties with certification, as some officials in the United Kingdom are up in arms over the level of domestic violence included within the game - including a potential scene where a 10-year old is beaten to death by her father.

Do you feel that Cage is going to far with his "emotional experience"?

"It's a real nightmare for thousands of children who have to live through these kinds of scenarios".

Activists, including a member of the UK Parliment, are lobbying against the upcoming PS4 game Detroit: Become Human over its controversial portrayal of domestic violence.

"The makers of this game should be thoroughly ashamed".

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'Violence against children is not entertainment. While Rantzen is understandably upset, I think it's a bit unfair to criticize Detroit without knowing the full context of the scene. I chose her point of view.

He added it is "legitimate" for games to "explore any topic such as domestic abuse".

But then Tory MP Damian Collins, who serves as the Chairman of the Culture and Spot Select Committee, added, "It is completely wrong for domestic violence to be part of a video game regardless of what the motivation is". Different people will see different things in this game, and I'm totally happy about that.

It doesn't appear as though Detroit: Become Human will put players in the role of the perpetrator or victim of child abuse - but they may be a witness to it and have the ability to stop it. "I worry that people who play this who themselves have suffered abuse will use this game to shape the way in which they deal with abusers".

Finally, a spokesman for the Video Standards Council, which decides computer game age restrictions for products released in the United Kingdom, noted, "Any decision to refuse a certificate is not taken lightly and to the extent we consider necessary we are able to consult our advisory panel of leading psychologists and legal experts". With the event specifically created to convince people to buy the video games that are on show, Quantic Dream and Sony opting for a scene in which players must navigate through extreme domestic violence wasn't the best choice.

New Zealand's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) won't comment on the game until it's been submitted for classification - which won't be for some time as it's not set for release until 2018.

Become Human Is Under Fire For Depictions Of Abuse