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Latest 'Arms' Update Adds New Fighter

30 Novembre 2017

A new update for ARMS is now available (4.1.0) and adds not only a brand-new (ish) fighter but a couple fixes that makes the overall experience for ARMS a bit more enjoyable.

The mysterious new fighter "Springtron" can now be selected.

Springtron is the fourth new playable character in Arms, following Max Brass, Lola Pop and Misango, who was introduced last week. Springtron shares his Arms with Spring Man; when Spring Man unlocks Arms, they can be used by Springtron as well.

Added badges that are unlocked via specific fighter/ARM combinations.

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Added support for traditional and simplified Chinese. You can switch your language in system settings.

Nintendo also announced it fixed issues where the guarding would be cancelled out after time runs out in online play, not allowing players to defend against post-time attacks.

Fixed issue in Ranked Match where certain fighters' voices could be heard prior to the start of the match.

Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as detailed on Nintendo of America's website.

Latest 'Arms' Update Adds New Fighter