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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: "Number Three"

29 Novembre 2017

Sitting in the light of the Washington Monument, Jack tells Randall about how he never really talks about his time in Vietnam, not even to Rebecca (Mandy Moore). He opens up about feeling out of place everywhere he went when he got back, and reflects on how the draft changed his life. As with most This Is Us chats, Jack shares a lesson with his son, talking about how he's going to make a lot of decisions in his life and that he won't always be there for them, but that he should feel confident in himself.

It takes a few moments before the news gets to Beth and Randall, who both are desperately trying to get to the bottom of what's going on. He left in a big drunk hurry but there was one problem, besides the alcohol - his niece, Tess had stowed away in the back seat so she could hang out with her uncle. Tess tells him to slow down, but not in time for a cop to clock him.

The next day, Linda arrives at Randall and Beth's house and explains that Shauna's charges were dropped in exchange for her cooperation.

As Deja says her farewells, she asks Randall if he remembers when he told her that he was adopted and felt torn between his biological family and his adopted family. Randall reminds her that "working hard is what gets you the big house and the fancy auto", and they hug it out.

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Kevin is overwhelmed by all the pain his siblings are having to deal with compared to his own vices, so he chugs a glass of vodka and orange juice and rushes out of the kitchen. Obviously, she wants her daughter back. Naturally, Randall wants to fight this, thinking Shauna is still unfit for custody.

At long last, Kevin's erratic behavior finally catches up with him. Kate cries to her mother, Kevin cries on Charlotte's front lawn, and then we have the scene of Kevin showing up at Randall's, which is where we started this whole journey. Except when Randall goes to call his sister, Kevin skips out...and gets pulled over for a DUI and arrested. Suddenly, Tess pops up in the back seat of Kevin's auto, almost giving him (and us) a heart attack.

The episode concludes with a clip of teenage Randall playing Pac-Man.

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