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Doctors in Madhya Pradesh remove 5 kg metal from man's stomach

26 Novembre 2017

Ever felt hungry so much you'd eat a nail or a coin?

A man who loved to swallow coins and metal objects was shocked when surgeons checked his stomach and found 7kg of metal.

However, upon investigating the matter with an endoscopy, it was revealed that his stomach was full of hundreds of coins, 1.5kg of nails, dozens of shaving blades, shards of glass, stones, and a 6-inch piece of rusted iron shackle.

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Couple of months ago, a similar incident was reported from Kolkata where doctors at the state-run Calcutta Medical College and Hospital had removed 639 nails, weighing over a kilogram, from the stomach of a 48-year-old man.

However, this is not the first time doctors removed metal objects from someone's stomach. Priyank Sharma said, adding that Maqsood is doing well and is now under the observation of a team of experts. "We were shocked to discover coins, nails and nut-bolts in his stomach". The surgery came "in the nick of the time as some of the nails lodged had pierced his stomach, caused bleeding and resulting in loss of haemoglobin", the Independent quoted another doctor as saying. "Usually, people start eating abnormal things under certain psychological conditions".

The 35-year-old had kept his freakish eating habits to himself, but surgeons found 263 coins, 100 nails and dozens of razor blades. Khan has worked as a three-wheeled rickshaw driver and used to swallow coins his customers gave to him, the doctors said, adding that he had promised not to indulge his weird cravings again.

Doctors in Madhya Pradesh remove 5 kg metal from man's stomach