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Crackdown on drones sees introduction of safety test

26 Novembre 2017

New rules are set to be introduced to regulate drones, with those flying them having to pass safety tests. These include using drones and their integrated video cameras on oil rigs, in construction, for organ transport and parcel deliveries.

But there have been several unsafe near-misses between drones and aircraft, including one gadget that flew "within a wingspan" of a passenger jet approaching Heathrow, and another that was spotted by horrified airline pilots at 10,000ft. It will also pave the way for the devices to be harnessed for a range of uses by businesses and public services.

This legislation is to ensure that drones can be used safely, while also addressing some of the safety and privacy concerns that people have, she said.

National Police Chiefs' Council lead for criminal misuse of drones, Assistant Chief Constable Serena Kennedy, said: "Police forces are aware of the ever increasing use of drones by members of the public and we are working with all relevant partners to understand the threats that this new technology can pose when used irresponsibly or illegally".

Lady Sugg added: 'Drones have great potential and we want to do everything possible to harness the benefits of this technology as it develops.

Changes to the law will mean that drone users will have to sit for safety awareness tests.

Officers from Devon & Cornwall Police fly a DJI Inspire 1s drone
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Another proposal would prevent drone owners from flying above 400 feet.

The rules could also ban the ariel devices from being flown near airports where they have caused disruption in the past - including "near misses" with planes - while police will be given new powers to ground drones and seize parts in investigations where they are believed to be involved in a crime. There were 29 reported near-misses in 2015, 71 in 2016 and there have been 81 in 2017 so far, over a month before the end of the year. "The current wording is that you should stay well clear", he said.

Aside from the Civil Aviation Authority's Drone Code, he said drone users should respect their neighbours' right to privacy and steer clear of sensitive areas, such as government buildings.

The government is also working on creating "no-fly zones" by using geo-fencing technology with drone makers.

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Crackdown on drones sees introduction of safety test