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Egg prices shoot through the roof! Cheaper to eat chicken now

21 Novembre 2017

The cost of a single egg has now sky-rocketed to Rs 7.5, making it hard for the consumers to including it in their breakfast as one of the biggest sources of protein.

Attributing the price rise to a supply crunch and robust demand, Ranjit Reddy, president, Telangana Poultry Breeders Association, said, "For the last four years, the industry has been going through a rough phase". In the last four years, over 30% egg farms have shut shop as input costs have been rising while egg prices remained stable.

A year ago during the same time period the cost of a piece of egg was at 4-5 rupees.

Many media reports suggest that the situation is no different in Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Punjab and Jharkhand.

This has substantially pushed price of eggs in comparison to chicken.

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the egg availability is 67 eggs per person per year in India while as per the National Nutrition Institute this should be about 180 eggs per person.

Retail inflation, which touched a seven-month high in October, is expected to rise further and cross the 4 per cent mark this month, driven by rise in vegetable and oil prices. "The poor, who can not afford vegetables which are available at exorbitant rates in retail, are preferring eggs in their diet", Mr Sharma said, explaining the reason behind the increased demand for the item.

Bhosale added that this increase in prices was also due to costlier vegetables. The eggs rate was suddenly raised due to low productivity.

The onion prices have surged to '50-60 a kg while tomato is priced between '80 and '90 a kg in the retail market. "The supply deficit is likely to continue for a few more months and the price would remain firm till February or March", said officials of PFI. The prices of green vegetables and milk have also gone up in the past few days.

Egg prices shoot through the roof! Cheaper to eat chicken now