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Woman collapses after found guilty in botched murder

15 Novembre 2017

50, are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder in the attack on Lovejoy's estranged husband Greg Mulvihill.

The Californian couple were in a fierce custody battle for their young son in September previous year when Lovejoy hired her gun instructor as an assassin, The San Diego Union Tribune reported.

In response to Lovejoy's loss of consciousness, the judge temporarily recessed the hearing, delaying the reading of a second conviction for a co-defendant in the same case.

Authorities later determined the phone used to call Mulvihill was purchased by Lovejoy, and feces found in the bushes at the scene of the shooting were traced to McDavid. The defendant wept openly as his verdict was read. As the jury announced their guilty verdicts, Lovejoy fainted, landing with a thud before being carried off by a court officer.

Lovejoy, of Carlsbad, faces at least 25 years to life in prison.

According to KSWB, he received a phone call from a person who claimed they were a private investigator.

Mulvihill and a co-worker drove to the specified location and soon noticed what looked like a person lying in a prone position with a rifle pointed at them.

The father-of-one was lured to a dark dirt track and shot once in the stomach by Weldon McDavid Jr, who donned camouflage and lay in wait for the ambush.

Woman collapses after found guilty in botched murder
Woman collapses after found guilty in botched murder

Lovejoy and Mulvihill were two years into a heated divorce and fierce custody battle over their young son, a legal fight that included allegations of abuse and drug use. The couple separated in July 2014.

Lovejoy, a software technical writer, met McDavid at the gun range where he worked.

An unnamed juror told the paper, "We rejected [McDavid's] story pretty much right off the bat".

McDavid - a former Marine and School of Infantry instructor from Oceanside- testified that it was the latter, that had he meant to kill the man, he could have easily done so.

"If Weldon McDavid wanted to kill someone with his skill set, he would have done so". "That was not his intent".

Court reconvened 30 minutes later without Lovejoy, who was taken to the hospital for treatment. At some point, Lovejoy told him Mulvihill was allegedly abusing her son, and that she had been trying to get someone to do something about it for years.

After the restraining order elapsed, Lovejoy still had concerns about her estranged husband but "at no time was there a discussion (or) conspiracy to murder her husband", Patton told the jury.

Jurors, who deliberated about half a day before reaching their verdicts, didn't buy McDavid's testimony.

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Woman collapses after found guilty in botched murder