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Tourists dressed in Borat mankinis arrested in Kazakhstan

15 Novembre 2017

However, Kazakhstan itself has found Borat's contribution to fashion less amusing as six Czech tourists were arrested in the country for wearing nothing but mankinis in public.

The green mankini, which leaves most of the body uncovered, became famous after being worn by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the hit film Borat, about the adventures of fictional, racist and sexist Kazakhstani television personality.

The six ran into trouble after posing by a sign saying "I Love Astana" in their thong swimwear, and curly wigs, despite the freezing temperatures now gripping Kazakhstan.

Despite the Czechs braving the snow to take the pics, officials didn't see the joke, with local reports confirming that the six had been arrested, reports the BBC. The group were each fined 22,500 Tenge ($67; £51).

The news caused some controversy between social media users in Kazakhstan, who didn't all agree on the tourists' controversial clothing, or lack of it.

The arrests divided the country, with journalist Assem Mirjekeeva prompting a robust discussion on Facebook. "They were charged with a public order offense".

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"I don't think they would have reacted", someone called Vitaliy Shuptar replied.

The Kazakh capital Astana.

The film by Baron Cohen still remains a sore point in the post-Soviet state headed by Nursultan Nazerbayev.

That led them to ban the film from cinemas and sale on DVD, with the Kazakh government even threatening to sue Baron Cohen. In 2012, Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov praised the film for raising Kazakhstan's profile and increasing tourism to the Central Asian nation.

Seeing as the tourists may not have even visited Astana without Borat, maybe they are now thinking, "Kazakhstan, I am not attracted to you anymore".

Tourists dressed in Borat mankinis arrested in Kazakhstan