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Stove Top selling 'Thanksgiving Dinner Pants' with stretch waistband

15 Novembre 2017

Look, I love stuffing-love it. But I can count on zero hands the number of times I wanted to wear my stuffing-love on my sleeve.

They're now selling "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants" online to help people enjoy more Thanksgiving without having to worry about getting a turkey belly.

WATCH Stove Top shows off new.

Stove Top Stuffing designed fashionable unisex trousers with an elastic waistband.

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Stove Top's Thanksgiving Dinner Pants are maroon and, similar to pregnancy slacks, they feature an over-the-belly waistband - covered in mouth-watering stuffing.

In a video that seems like a parody ad from "Saturday Night Live," the company trumpets the pants' stretchy waistband and leftover-appropriate pockets, all decorated with images of stuffing.

Stove Top is also donating $10,000 to Feeding America, a hunger-relief charity, for the holiday.

That certainly takes the edge off the inevitable tryptophan fever dreams about bad fashion decisions.

Stove Top selling 'Thanksgiving Dinner Pants' with stretch waistband