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Rainbow Six Siege free play weekend starts tomorrow

15 Novembre 2017

For Honor isn't dead. Players who try the game during the free weekend can carry over their progress and continue to play uninterrupted. Plus, from November 16-27, Rainbow Six: Siege will be available for 60% off digitally across the board, though shopping around on Black Friday would probably net you an even better deal.

The expansion includes a brand new map located in an observation tower in Seoul, South Korea.

The latest content from Year 2 Season 4, Operation White Noise, will deploy on the Technical Test Server (PC) on November 20, 2017.

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Personally, I'm excited for this event, if only for the opportunity to hustle the online matchmaking for some easy XP.

Siege will offer up a free-to-play weekend this very weekend, between 16-20 November. Sound off in the comments. Three new operators are also being added, including two members of South Korea's 707th Special Mission Battalion, and a new Operator from Poland's GROM.

Additional details for Operation White Noise will be unveiled during the Pro League Finals on November 19, 2017. Just head over to the game's official Twitch channel.

Rainbow Six Siege free play weekend starts tomorrow