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Parents petition to change school's 'crass' sounding mascot

15 Novembre 2017

When Farmington High School opens in 2018, their mascot will be known as "The Phoenix".

A proud and noble mythical creature. He's just the overwhelmingly lovely immortal bird to convince these Concerned Parents that Phoenixes, or Phoenices, or, sure, The Phoenix, are f*cking awesome, even if, okay, the plural form of their name does sorta maybe kinda sound like a dick if you wanted to hear it that way.

More than 2,600 people so far have signed the petition supporting a name change.

Fraughton started a petition to change the name, writing, "We were horrified to hear that the phonetics of the word Phoenices are far too close to the word penises". As happened to my neighbors and me, high school kids will take a quick trip to Google or WordHippo to learn that Phoenices is a plural form of the word.

"There will be a never-ending barrage of references to male anatomy directed at our children as they participate in any kind of sports against other schools", he writes. We quickly discovered that although Phoenixes is an acceptable way to say it, another pluralization is Phoenices. He pleads for the school distract to change the "well-intentioned, but potentially risky choice".

The mascot's name was decided via popular vote by parents, students of neighbouring Davis and Viewmont high schools and the future students that will attend Farmington.

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The concerned resident reached out to representatives from the Davis School District and the high school's administrators, but after lengthy talks, he said his concerns were dismissed.

Why? Because he thinks the current mascot, "The Phoenix", sounds too much like "penis". But parents are urging the Davis School District to reconsider the name because when pluralized, some say it would sound like "penises" and lead to crude jokes.

I'm confident that the district does not want to bear the responsibility of our children being bullied as a result of our school mascot.

He also pointed out that five other schools in the district had a phoenix as their mascot. None of these schools experienced the grievances predicted by Fraughton, in spite of referring to "phoenices" or "phoenixes".

Fraughton's kids are not high schoolers yet, but they soon will be and will likely attend Farmington High School. "I would like to proudly wear my sweatshirt of the high school that has the name of the mascot on it and not feel any embarrassment", he said.

Parents petition to change school's 'crass' sounding mascot