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Microsoft announces Skype Professional Account Preview

15 Novembre 2017

Due to launch in the U.S. as a preview very soon, this is a business-focused build of Skype that offers a host of extra features.

The Skype Professional Account desktop client, soon to be released in preview in the US, adds powerful new features to Skype to make doing your online business a whole lot easier.

This includes the ability to book meeting, make notes and take payments, all from the comfort of a chat client.

If you're a language or music teacher who works online - or a personal trainer, or a chess instructor, or any one of hundreds of other remote service providers - you're probably using a combination of different platforms to organize and give sessions across Skype. This desktop application will have tools to permit small business users to schedule meetings, add notes and accept payments from clients, using payment services such Paypal. And you might be paying a pretty penny for some of these services.

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Skype Professional Account gives you the power to do all that from one app for free during the preview.

On the consumer Skype side, users will be able to see a searchable profile page of the Skype Professional Account user.

The new Skype version will let small business owners and freelancers book meetings and accept payments all within the same tool, instead of third-party alternatives. We have limited spots available for the preview. People wanting to try it have to fill out a survey to possibly get access.

Microsoft announces Skype Professional Account Preview