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Lindsay Arnold Gets Emotional After Sustaining Injury on DWTS

15 Novembre 2017

Jordan Fisher reportedly pulled out of Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars rehearsals due to an eye injury he suffered hours before Monday's live episode.

He and his partner Lindsay Arnold - who is nursing a knee injury - powered through their pain to receive the night's only ideal score (see their performance in the videos below), but backstage he admitted to reporters that "everything hurts".

"His eye is looking worse and he left rehearsal early to go to the doctor", says the source.

Fisher, 23, revealed his injury during Monday night's semifinals, telling co-host Erin Andrews "I have a scratched cornea [due to] a nail in the eye". In a pre-taped video, the pro opened up about how her knee gave out during practice and she chose to go ahead anyway but was afraid it would happen again.

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"Everything hurts at this point - light hurts, blinking hurts, keeping my eyes open hurts, and it's hard to see", he told Us Weekly following his performance. "It's definitely been the hardest couple of days of the competition but we're grateful that we were able to cap these couple of days off, like a pirate, with one good leg and one good eye, still managing to make a trip to the finals".

"It's frustrating because it's the semi-finals and I want to dance it with Jordan, and I just hope this doesn't stop me from doing that", Arnold added.

Fisher and Arnold's first dance of the night was an emotional Argentine tango set to "Brother" by NEEDTOBREATHE.