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John Travolta accused of sexual battery of male massage therapist

15 Novembre 2017

Actor John Travolta has been accused of alleged sexual battery after a masseur came forward and said he groped his bare buttocks and exposed himself during a massage in Palm Springs, CA in 2000. The spa had stayed open at 1:30 a.m. for the Pulp Fiction star, 63, who had requested "a deep body massage".

The report stated that Travolta at one point during the massage removed his towel and asked for the massage to become more intimate. The employee said he kept replacing the towel every time his client removed it.

After the massage was complete, Travolta and the masseur went into another room, where employee performed a "Citrus Scrub" on Travolta.

The masseur claimed that Travolta asked him to sit in the steam room so he "wouldn't be alone".

He said shortly afterward, Travolta removed his towel and was nude.

After the massage, Travolta allegedly invited the masseur to join him in a sauna.

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The report said that while the employee laid on his stomach, "Travolta reacher under his towel and began to rub his inner thigh" before he "began rubbing [the masseur's] bare buttocks as well as in the groove between".

As the masseur was packing up his massage table that had been set up in Travolta's room, he claimed the actor peppered him with suggestive queries, including "what he would do if he ever had sexual encounter with another man", and added "if so, tell him what he would do so [Travolta] could have something to fantasize about'".

The man claimed he was uncomfortable, so he left the steam room to shower, but was followed by Travolta, who asked if he wanted his back "soaped up". He told officers that he made "no advances toward Travolta and didn't say anything to lead him on". "Travolta had already checked out of the hotel, so I was unable to speak with him regarding this case".

The report into the incident at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs on February 15, 2000, accused Travolta of "sexual battery" but police eventually found the "details do not meet the elements of battery. or 'sexual battery'".

This type of accusation isn't new to Travolta; he was sued over accusations that he tried to have sex with a male masseur at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2012, and another masseur in Atlanta alleged a similar complaint.

John Travolta accused of sexual battery of male massage therapist