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India Advances Launch Of Euro-VI Fuels For Smog-hit Delhi

15 Novembre 2017

As a next step in this direction, the government in consultation with stakeholders chose to meet global best practices by leapfrogging directly from BS-IV to BS-VI grade by Apri, 1, 2020 skipping BS-V altogether.

It says this step is expected to help mitigate the problem of air pollution in NCT of Delhi and surrounding areas.

The government has made a decision to advance the Bharat Stage-VI grade auto fuel norms by two years, to be now implemented from April 1,2018 instead of April 1,2020, prompted by worsening air quality in Delhi. "Every manufacturer is bending its back to meet the (April 1) 2020 deadline", said an official from a Delhi-based manufacturer. This is the second instance when roll out of such norms has been advanced in India.

However, manufacturers fear that the automotive industry could be later forced by a quasi-judicial body like National Green Tribunal (NGT) to either launch BS-VI vehicles or halt sales in Delhi altogether.

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The Government of India has been working improving the air quality in the country and while issues like fog and smog have been faced not only in Delhi but other cities across the country, it's now time to take some drastic measures. Delhi also accounts for 3 percent of India's two-wheeler sales and 11 percent of north India's two-wheeler sales.

The decision to impose BS VI norms will make cars, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks and buses more expensive. That grade is equivalent to Europe's Euro-6 fuel emissions standard, the report added. These vehicles will be much cleaner than today's generation engines.

The automobile industry, which contributes 7.5% of the country's gross domestic product, is still anxious whether refineries will be able to supply sufficient BS-VI-grade fuel even though the government has vowed to do that.

India Advances Launch Of Euro-VI Fuels For Smog-hit Delhi