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Principale » HTC has presented a VR-helmet with 6 levels of freedom

HTC has presented a VR-helmet with 6 levels of freedom

15 Novembre 2017

According to official representatives of the Taiwanese Corporation HTC Vive virtual reality helmet Focus is the first commercial standalone appliances, can track motion with 6 degrees of freedom.

Alvin Graylin, head of HTC's VR business in the mainland, said the version for developers will soon be available in the market and the specific price tag will also be released. It features a high-resolution AMOLED screen and it is fueled by Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Comparing to Oculus Go, the headset is priced at $199 (Rs 12,800 approx), similar to the Vive Focus, the device is capable to run games by itself. Since the device is free from cumbersome cables and tracking beacons, the Taiwanese company calls it "world-scale". This gives you the opportunity HTC Vive Focus to be fully Autonomous and independent from external sensors. It has an attractive blue finish and has a slightly rounded design. "This is HTC's open platform for VR, meaning that our games, without extra work, now are playable on many VR headsets of different manufacturers", Pillow's Willow VR studios CEO Andy Lürling mentions; 'This really can be seen as a new step to maturity of the VR market'. However, availability of the Vive Focus is now unknown. Spark of Light is available on the Vive Wave platform, and has been available on the Gear VR and on Google Daydream already.

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As far as HTC's plans for the concerned, the company has confirmed that it won't be bringing Vive-branded standalone headset for Daydream VR.

According to Bavor the Lenovo standalone headset running Daydream is now at pre-release, with more details expected soon.

HTC has presented a VR-helmet with 6 levels of freedom