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Fisherman makes rare catch in Ocean City

15 Novembre 2017

Austin Ensor and his Maryland fishing buddies were out this past weekend trying to drag out fishing season as long as possible and now their rare find may have them hanging on a little further into fall.

Ensor says that they plan on eating the fish on Tuesday and said he was contacted by several local chefs who have served opah before. The fish, also known as a moonfish, typically is found in tropical waters.

Ensor says his crew had just caught an 80-pound swordfish when the opah latched on to their bait.

At first, they thought they had another swordfish that was putting up a tough fight in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off Ocean City, Ensor said. But catching the fish is rare off the east coast.

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Another interesting fact: In 2015, NOAA researchers discovered the opah to be the first known warm-blooded fish. The first bite resulted in a almost 80 pound swordfish on the boat, but it was what bit after they cast their next line that caught the crew by surprise.

For Ensor and his young crew, he added, "To see some of the older guys that have taught me everything I know reach out and be pretty stoked about it, that's really cool to see".

The opah Ensor and his friends caught might be one of the only ones ever caught in Ocean City by a non-commercial fishing boat.

The crew says their latest catch is their most memorable. "Got it on the boat, got it in and probably a highlight of our season".