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Children Of Any Age Can Hunt In Wisconsin

15 Novembre 2017

The first bill restores a prohibition revoked earlier this year, which eliminated deer carcass tags from being required under law and thereby re-legalized the harvest of antlerless deer by adults using a youth antlerless deer hunting license under group hunting circumstances.

Passed in time for opening of gun deer season on November 18, Assembly Bill 455, allows children 9 and younger to hunt, leaving it up to parents to decide how young their hunters should be under the hunting mentorship program. The mentor and student could have just one gun between them and had to stay within an arm's reach of one another. Thirty-four other states have no minimum hunting age. This bill re-establishes the 2015 Act 100 prohibition for adults from harvesting antlerless deer using a youth antlerless carcass tag under group hunting allowances.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is also testing for Chronic Wasting Disease in nearby counties.

Shooting Victim, Cruiser Theft Suspect Knew One Another
It also called on state police to release its high-speed chase policy, which the agency also did Tuesday. Police said Morgan was able to steal the vehicle, ditching it in Providence.

Senate Bill 225 extends fall turkey, gray (Hungarian) partridge and pheasant hunting and trapping seasons, which will be open through the Sunday nearest January 6, including the New Year's holiday. These seasons now close on December 31. The bill becomes effective February 1, 2018, or the day after publication of the bill, whichever is later. The bill sets them as open through the Sunday nearest January 6 and would statutorily prohibit variation.

Finally, Bill 225 authorizes metro bow/crossbow hunting from the Monday closest to January 6 through January 31, as was strongly supported by the most recent Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

Children Of Any Age Can Hunt In Wisconsin