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Alabama could be home to Toyota/Mazda plant

15 Novembre 2017

Alabama and North Carolina are the only two states left in the running, reports Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources familiar with the negotiations.

Even with the 10-digit incentive package demand, 15 states jumped at the chance to secure the new plant and its thousands of jobs, including the usual suspects: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, Illinois and SC, which are already home to several auto plans.

Toyota already operates a broad network of factories in the US, but Mazda hasn't operated a plant there since exiting a long-running joint venture with Ford Motor Co. several years ago in southeastern MI.

Local business leaders are closely watching developments because the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite, in northeastern Randolph County, is often mentioned as a top contender among all sites.

Alabama. South Carolina. It doesn't matter.

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North Carolina has four "megasites" that have been built to accommodate large industry such as automotive or airplane.

The two auto giants plan to announce the site by early next year, according to Akira Marumoto, Mazda's executive vice president, who was quoted in Tokyo earlier this month.

The joint vehicle factory is worth $1.6 billion, reports Automotive News and Bloomberg. Toyota plans to assemble the Corolla sedan at the plant, while Mazda said it will use the factory to produce new crossover vehicles for the USA market.

Randolph County is in the process of expanding its site by rezoning 370 acres to add to the 1,500 acres that comprise the site.

By the time the plant opens in 2021, parts suppliers and other support operations would likely set up shop nearby, bringing more jobs.

Alabama could be home to Toyota/Mazda plant