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Venezuela-finally and officially-defaulted on its bonds

14 Novembre 2017

But Venezuela's unpaid obligations total $420 million, and four additional coupon payments are overdue but within their grace periods.

Derivatives industry association ISDA said on Tuesday it has received a question from investors as to whether the Republic of Venezuela is in default due to a late payment of coupons on sovereign bonds.

In the meantime, China said its massive financing of Venezuela was "proceeding normally", and Russian Federation was expected to sign an agreement as early as Wednesday to restructure $3 billion of Caracas's debt, according to sources in Moscow familiar with the matter.

Participants at the meeting told AFP that officials said the government meant to form working groups to evaluate short- and mid-term debt renegotiation proposals, but gave no specifics.

Worldwide credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's has declared Venezuela to be in "selective default".

Venezuela has been in a recession since Maduro succeeded the late president Hugo Chavez in 2013.

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"If any potential restructuring operation is completed, we would lower all of our foreign currency ratings on Venezuela to default and subsequently raise them to the "CCC" or "B" category".

The US has designated vice president El Aissami himself a drug kingpin with whom US entities are barred from dealing.

The ratings agency said the South American nation had failed to make $200m (£153m) in repayments on its foreign debt.

The sanctions also impose a ban on United States entities buying any new Venezuelan debt issues, complicating the government's debt restructuring plan.

A default can be declared either by the major ratings agencies, big debt-holders or by the government itself.

Permanent council members Russian Federation and China boycotted the meeting, as did non-permanent members Bolivia and Egypt.

Venezuela-finally and officially-defaulted on its bonds