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Principale » Swiss bank HSBC to pay France $352 million in tax fraud case

Swiss bank HSBC to pay France $352 million in tax fraud case

14 Novembre 2017

HSBC Private Bank, a Swiss unit of banking giant HSBC, has agreed to pay €300m to avoid going to trial in France for enabling tax fraud, prosecutors said today.

HSBC was accused past year of helping French clients to hide at least €1.67 billion from the tax authorities, according to a source close to the probe.

The French financial prosecutor's office has dismissed the investigation.

Le laboratoire Merck condamné à délivrer l'ancienne formule en Haute-Garonne — Levothyrox
S'il a fait appel, Merck a toutefois annoncé l'importation de 200.000 boîtes supplémentaires de l'ancienne formule. A l'audience, le juge s'était transporté dans une pharmacie pour constater l'absence de l'ancien médicament.

The deal does not include a guilty plea. The French-Italian dual citizen worked as a computer scientist at HSBC in Geneva and stole the data of some 15,000 clients in 2006 and 2007.

The bank has been investigated in several other countries, including Spain and Belgium, following the leak.

HSBC has admitted that the private Swiss bank made mistakes.