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Principale » Shock as mysterious UFO 'hovers above California navy base'

Shock as mysterious UFO 'hovers above California navy base'

14 Novembre 2017

The uploaded video reveals a rather odd triangular object which is buried on the surface of our neighboring planet Mars. A video regarding this was uploaded to Youtube by a conspiracy theorists channel SecureTeam10.

The narrator of the Secureteam video stated that the triangular shaped object is undoubtedly an alien ship used by extra-terrestrial beings.

Speaking about the close proximity of the "crashed UFO" to the "alien base", he adds: "When you find another object in the same general area that again looks out of place. We have found these domes on multiple planets and moons".

Even NASA and our own space agencies have talked about getting us to the moon and establishing bases have drawn up their plans using the exact same thing-domes.

"Could that be what we're seeing here?" A camouflage among this crater field. "Or is this some sort of ancient relic?" the narrator asked.

People have been searching for alien life for years, hunting for aliens and UFOs every time something unusual was spotted in the skies. That led some to believe that NASA is hiding evidence of their existence.

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He took the snaps near the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in 2007, but has been too nervous to show anyone until now.

Keith said that he watched the craft for about ten minutes.

He told the Daily Star, "This thing would wobble along close to the ground, very unstable".

"Then it would freeze in position, go up to a certain height and sit there for a few minutes perfectly still". It made no noise that I could hear.

He claims he heard a helicopter as he approached the base, before seeing the silver UFO with a number of military vehicles parked nearby. The UFO hunter further said that whoever was controlling the object was actually having fun with it as the object was seen doing little tricks above the surface.

He has sent the images to be analysed by some of the world's top UFO experts, who are divided over their authenticity. Philip Mantle, a Brit UFO hunter, said, "This could turn out to be one of the most controversial UFO photo-cases on record".

Shock as mysterious UFO 'hovers above California navy base'