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Pokemon GO Adds Alola Items From Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

14 Novembre 2017

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Go now has avatar clothing items based off of outfits worn by the player characters in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

New avatar items have arrived to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go gamers get access to one free set of Alolan clothes per gender, both sets reflecting the styles seen in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with its breezy tropical vibe. As for the males, they get to don bucket hats, blue tank tops, shorts with leggings and sneakers. In this Pokemon GO Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon costumes guide, we'll be walking you through exactly how you can unlock the outfits for your Avatars. The female set, on the other hand, offers gamers a floral tank top, khaki shorts, a sunhat, a knapsack, and sandals.

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To obtain the colorful new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon outfits for your player Avatars in Pokemon GO, all you need to do is simply head to the in-game shop, and purchase them. After all, some fans had expressed disappointment that Pokemon GO seemed to be ignoring the launch of the two games, and while some may have preferred a special event, these free clothes are better than nothing.

What's interesting is that these new Alola region avatar items aren't even the first cosmetics from the Sun and Moon games that have been added to Pokemon GO. After all, Pokemon GO still has yet to introduce the vast majority of third generation Pokemon to the game, and since the Alola region wasn't introduced until Gen 7, chances are good that it will be years before they're added.

Pokemon GO Adds Alola Items From Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon