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Jon Stewart Says He Was Stunned By the Louis CK Story

14 Novembre 2017

Matt Lauer dutifully asked Stewart for a comment on last week's allegations of sexual misconduct that Louis C.K. sexually harassed women by masturbating in front of them behind closed doors, allegations that C.K. Stewart said to an audience member who posed a question about Louis C.K. rumors that surfaced online. "And you always find yourself back to a moment of, did I miss something?" The former host of The Daily Show said that back when comedians like himself, as well as C.K. and Maron, started out thirty years ago, a woman trying to make it in comedy was itself "an act of bravery". And Stewart, who is hosting Night of Too Many Stars, was asked for his reaction to C.K. during an interview on Today promoting the benefit. "So you feel anger at what he's done to people". "You give your friends the benefit of the doubt".

"Look, comedy on its best day is not a great environment for women", Stewart said. "Could I have done more?' In this situation, I think we all could have". "I didn't see the tweets. What are you talking about?'" "I'm not that connected to that world". "I don't know what you're talking about, I don't know what to say". "I hadn't heard, at that point, of any of it". He said, "What do you think of the allegations against Louis C.K., and my first response was, 'What?' and then joke, joke".

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Stewart addressed the clip in his Today interview. "My first response was, 'What?' And then, joke, joke, and as he kept going, I was like, 'Look, I know this is very serious, but I know Louis, he's always been a gentleman to me, ' which, again, it speaks to the blindness that I think a man has", he said.

Stewart took some heat after news broke last week that Louie C.K. acted inappropriately toward five women, all of whom spoke to the New York Times about their encounters with the comedian. "Digging around in it and finding that some people had done, it was hard, but we were all assured like, no, but we took somebody's word for it, and maybe that's an error on our part". The comic was scheduled to appear on Night of Too Many Stars opposite Stewart, but HBO cut the comedian's scheduled appearance on Thursday.

Jon Stewart Says He Was Stunned By the Louis CK Story