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Google Doodle Celebrating Hole Punch 131st anniversary

14 Novembre 2017

But there is another reason for November 14 to be a special day, and Google is drawing our attention to it with a special doodle. While the origins of the hole punch is a disputed topic, Google has acknowledged the 1886 patent by German inventor Friedrich Soennecken. Soennecken, who was the son of a blacksmith, has several inventions to his credit.

A hole punch has a long lever, which helps push a bladed cylinder through a number of sheets of paper, creating identical holes, making it easy to stack them together in a folder.

The doodle appears on the search engine's homepage and shows the Google logo made out of small colourful circles, which Google describes as the "colorful confetti byproduct" on its website.

The doodle celebrates German engineering and ingenuity, as the basic design for the hole puncher has remained constant for 129 years.

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A blue piece of blank paper comes to life and starts to dance after it suddenly has eyes, and a smile, punched in.

While Google has dedicated its doodle to the 131st Anniversary of the hole puncher in 2017, it has been hosting a competition for children in India to celebrate Children's Day over the past few years. Google had been holding the Google 4 Doodle competition every year since 2010, till the hole punch doodle this year.

While not quite as indispensable as the stapler, the hole puncher has been a staple of business offices for more than a century.

The reach of the doodle is across Europe, North America, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Google Doodle Celebrating Hole Punch 131st anniversary