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Principale » Female Dem says at least two current members engaged in sexual harassment

Female Dem says at least two current members engaged in sexual harassment

14 Novembre 2017

The hearing by the panel, which oversees the chamber's operations, is part of a review of how the House handles sexual harassment claims.

Two female House lawmakers accused sitting male lawmakers of sexual harassment and misconduct on Tuesday, including an allegation that a male lawmaker exposed his genitals to a female staffer.

There is now no requirement for sexual harassment training in the House of Representatives, but individual offices may voluntarily have their staffs attend trainings offered by the Office of Compliance.

Speier, who has spoken out about her own experience as a victim of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill and invited others on the Beltway to do the same, said she had been told by current and former congressional staffers of harassment, groping and unwanted advances - sometimes on the House floor.

Speier, a Democrat who has gone public with her own allegations of sexual assault while she served as a Hill aide decades ago, testified before the panel Tuesday that two now sitting members of Congress - one Democrat, one Republican - have "engaged in sexual harassment" but have not yet been reviewed. Before Speier spoke, however, Representative Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) said a member "decided to expose himself" to a young female aide sent to drop off materials at his home. "Amongst ourselves, we know", a former Senate staffer said of the lawmakers with the worst reputations.

Earlier this month, The Associated Press reported on one current and three former female lawmakers who said they had been harassed or subjected to hostile and sexually suggestive comments by fellow members of Congress, some of whom are still in office.

She left the lawmaker's house and quit her job, Comstock said.

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Earlier this month, Ryan called on House members and staffs to step up their sexual harassment training.

Both House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell support ramping up sexual harassment training, as does House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"We need to increase member accountability, " he said. "Our goal must be a culture where everyone who works in our offices feels safe and able to fulfill their duties".

"Women and men have trusted me with their stories", Speier said.

"Obviously, that's not the right approach", he said.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) told the publication that she had been outright propositioned by a senior lawmaker who was married.

Speier's proposed legislation would change the House's policy and make sexual harassment training mandatory for members and their staff. The House is expected to follow suit but has yet to make the shift, and Speier called for a sweeping overhaul of a system that can force harassment victims to wait for months, and undergo mandatory mediation, before filing a complaint. "By the way. the general counsel of the House is representing the harasser".

Female Dem says at least two current members engaged in sexual harassment