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'Does India need bullet train?', asks Quora user, Piyush Goyal responds

14 Novembre 2017

He was replying to a query on Quora, a website where users ask questions and invite answers from the online community - "Does India actually need a bullet train"?

"The Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail project is a visionary project by the NDA government which will herald anew era of safety, speed and service for the people, and help the Indian Railways become an worldwide leader in scale, speed and skill", Goyal said.

The response can be read in its entirety HERE.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Tuesday, Goyal, who has maintained an active existence on social media platforms took to Quora this time to address his audience.

He also included several graphics with pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to illustrate his point.

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"India is a rapidly developing economy with numerous developmental needs".

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail project, the minister said, will herald a new era of safety, speed and service for the people and help Indian Railways become "an global leader in scale, speed and skill". He went to say that the introduction of any new technology is met with resistance but eventually goes on to usher in change. "We see that naysayers had also criticised the start of the Rajdhani Trains in 1968", he writes, arguing that new technology, at most times, sees resistance at the start but is highly beneficial for the country.

"I have told my officials that even if I call them to pass a train, it should not be allowed to pass if there is a traffic block because of the renewal of tracks", he said.

Giving another example, Goyal argued that many thought India was not ready for new technology like mobile phones, but today India is the second largest market for such phones in the world with nearly every Indian owning a mobile phone set.

The project will boost job creation - initially, about 20,000 jobs when the railway network is being constructed - and exports, Goyal said, adding that it will also help 12 stations along the route emerge as economic powerhouses.

'Does India need bullet train?', asks Quora user, Piyush Goyal responds