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Principale » Death row inmate to get pillow to help him breathe during execution

Death row inmate to get pillow to help him breathe during execution

14 Novembre 2017

The state says it will provide Campbell a wedge-shaped pillow to lie on to help him breathe as he's put to death.

Alva Campbell, 69, a death row prisoner who has argued he was too ill for lethal injection is slated to die by injection Wednesday.

The inmate has severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder as the result of a decades-long two-pack-a-day smoking habit that finally stopped nine years ago. He also uses a walker, relies on a colostomy bag, requires four breathing treatments daily and may have lung cancer, his attorney claims. They have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Wednesday's execution, because of his poor health, a motion opposed by the state.

The same exam failed to find veins suitable for inserting an IV on either of Campbell's arms.

Dr. James McWeeney noted there were no objective findings such as increased pulse rate or breathing to corroborate Campbell's anxiety. However, he recommended allowing Campbell to lie "in a semi-recumbent position" during the execution. A federal judge ruled out that as an option for Campbell.

Prisons spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said the agency is assessing the inmate's medical condition and history to figure out any necessary accommodations.

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The man was sentenced to die later this week for killing a teenager during a 1997 carjacking. While in a wheelchair, Campbell overpowered the deputy and fled.

Campbell took the deputy's gun, carjacked 18-year-old Charles Dials and drove around with him for several hours before shooting him twice in the head as Dials crouched in the footwell of his own truck, according to court records.

After riding around with Dials in the auto for several hours, Campbell shot the teen twice in the head and tried to kidnap two more people.

The state says the siblings of an OH teen slain during a carjacking two decades ago will witness the execution of their brother's killer.

Campbell's last meal, called a special meal in OH, includes pork chops, greens, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes and gravy and macaroni and cheese.

On Tuesday, the state said it was starting final preparations for Campbell's execution.