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Creative Assembly Announces Total War Saga Game "Thrones Of Britannia"

14 Novembre 2017

The goal for that new brand of Total War game is to focus on "exciting pivotal moments in history rather than whole historical eras", the developer said.

It is 878 AD, and the Viking Invasion of Britain is over.

Creative Assembly and SEGA have today taken the lid off the first entry in their newly established Total War Saga spin-off series entitled Thrones of Britannia with a trailer and some initial information of what to expect.

A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia will be available for PC in 2018. Alongside the core historical-based games, the Total War series has expanded to include free-to-play mobile (Total War Battles™: KINGDOM) and PC titles (Total War™: ARENA), now in development. Not all the factions have been revealed, but we do know Viking settlers, Anglo-Saxons and other "certain Gaelic clans" will be counted among them.

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"Our aim with Total War Sagas is to explore key flashpoints at distinct places and times in history". For the first time in almost 80 years, the land is in a fragile state of peace. "This will complement our broader-scope titles perfectly".

In detailing what qualifies as a Total War Saga game, CA describes it in their FAQ from earlier this year as being bigger than a standard Campaign Pack while not being an entirely new era-spanning Total War game like the main entries in their franchise.

King Alfred was, in fact, so good at fighting Vikings that he's one of only two English monarchs to have been given the epithet "the Great".