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Penn State Hazing Death

13 Novembre 2017

The new video evidence was recovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from security camera video which was previously deleted from the fraternity house, District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller confirmed Monday.

After State College Police further examined one of the DVR surveillance boxes, police say they uncovered evidence that the basement camera footage had been manually deleted as police were ready to seize the recording equipment.

Miller had said at the time that she planned to refile charges and denied there was prosecutorial overreach because the more serious charges were dropped.

The new charges include involuntary manslaughter, hazing and giving alcohol to minors. Becker was one of the original defendants charged in the case.

Prosecutors revealed Monday that Piazza consumed 18 alcoholic beverages in less than an hour-and-a-half inside the Penn State fraternity house prior to his death in February.

Authorities will be releasing new information into the hazing death at Penn State during a news conference this afternoon.

Piazza, an engineering student from Lebanon, New Jersey, died on February 4 after consuming a unsafe amount of alcohol and suffering fatal injuries when he tumbled down flights of stairs.

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"Piazza never obtained any of those drinks himself", Parks Miller said. Texts also showed they discussed the video footage filmed inside the house.

The entire video system was sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for further analysis, right in the middle of a preliminary hearing for the fraternity brothers.

Police had already confiscated video footage from the house's main floor, which showed Piazza stumbling and repeatedly falling and hitting his head in an obvious drunken stupor, and thrashing about or rolling on his fraternity's floor, showing what would be the last signs of life.

Eight members of the frat were previously cleared of felony manslaughter and assault charges, although 14 still faced lesser charges. With the addition of those charges, 17 people have now been charged in connection to the case.

The defendants have denied all charges.

The new charges means there will be new preliminary hearings for those defendants.

The basement video clearly depicts a continuation of the hazing activity previously captured upstairs during the gauntlet.

Penn State Hazing Death