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Lotus Exige Cup 430 arrives - and it costs £100k

10 Novembre 2017

Lotus used to be the British auto company that was heralded for its simplicity in providing thrills behind the wheel. This is the new Exige 430 Cup: Unlimited Edition, which the Hethel-based company says is the "most extreme Exige ever conceived".

From a standstill, the Cup 430 will sprint to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds, and can continue accelerating to a top speed of 290 km/h. The Exige Cup 430 borrows a supercharged 3.5-litre V6 engine from its bigger Evora GT430 sibling and stuffs it into a smaller and lighter chassis in the Exige. The 0-62 miles per hour run takes 3.2 seconds, while torque has been increased to 325 lb. -ft. between 4000 rpm and 6800 rpm. Yep, faster even than the road-going version of the 3-Eleven, by an impressive 1.2 second margin. The vehicle tips the scales at 1,056kg or about 2,328 pounds. Thanks to a new spoiler on that rear clam and a reprofiled splitter on the front one (amongst numerous other tweaks), the Exige Cup 430 produces a maximum of 220kg of downforce. A motorsport-derived rear wing increases downforce without impacting the car's overall drag coefficient, according to the automaker. Hence the inclusion of lighter clams front and rear, which not only trim a few precious kilos but also contribute to a formidable aero performance.

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The Cup 430 is fitted with forged, four-position AP Racing brake calipers and new performance two-piece J-hook brake discs that are claimed to "give improved bite and deliver consistent pedal feel and stopping power lap after lap". The system is created to give "improved bite and debris clearance and reduce distortion and vibration and to deliver consistent pedal feel and stopping power lap after lap". The Exige Cup 430 is available to order now for £99,800 including VAT (UK) and €127,500 (Germany) and €128,600 (France). The Cup 430 also includes a steel roll-over bar, new seatbelt anchorage frame and a front towing eye as standard.

"This is the auto that we have always wanted to build, and I am sure that all Lotus enthusiasts will be delighted with the end product", said CEO Jean-Marc Gales. That price in the United Kingdom works out to about $130,000 US. Unlike the Cup 380 which was limited to 60 models, the Cup 430 is a full production model.

Lotus Exige Cup 430 arrives - and it costs £100k